The Boy Who Cried Wolf Rewrite

Original Story

You’re Fired

Jane occasionally would call in to work to say she couldn’t make it. She would use only the most extravagant of excuses. “I have to go to my sister’s dog’s funeral,” “I’ve come down with pneumonia,” etc… Her boss would take all her excuses but she would always come in the next day with no proof. Her boss was getting very annoyed that she was costing the company money for no good reason.
One day, Jane got into a car accident on the way to work and had to go to the hospital. She called her boss at work and said she couldn’t make it. No matter how dishevelled she sounded and how many times she told him it was real this time, he wouldn’t believe her. He said if she didn’t come to work in the next twenty minutes, she was fired.
She got to work a few hours later all messy from the accident but her boss just assumed she was trying to be convincing. she had to pack up her stuff and leave. I don’t think she’ll get a letter of recommendation for another job either.

Tim-Tit-Tot Rewrite

Original Story

Leprechaun Gold

Once there was a dog who was digging up the garden. The owner was very mad so she said “Oh dear, you’ve dug up flowers again!” as a man walked by. He asked what the dog had dug up and since this man was known to be very rich, she was ashamed to tell him the truth so she said “Oh, the silly dog dug up some gold again.”
The man thought that was amazing and he asked to buy the dog from her. She said of course and the man gave her the money and said if he didn’t dig up as much gold as he gave her every half a year, he would kill the dog and put the woman in jail. She was nervous but figured she could escape his path by then.
Five months later and he still had no gold. He scolded the dog to work harder digging. He barely even noticed his garden being dug up because he was too excited to find gold.
A few days later, a leprechaun was running through the lawn and the dog stopped him and asked for gold. The leprechaun said he would make a deal: He would give the dog gold every day for two months out of the year every year if he could guess his name. The dog got three guesses a day. The dog would then take the gold, hide it, and dig it up for the man.
The dog guessed three names and the leprechaun told him he was wrong, and gave him a peice of gold and left. The dog had until the end of the first month to guess his name.
The dog hid the gold and dug it up in front of the man. The man jumped with joy and fed the dog wonderfully and spoiled him that day. This happened every day that month. Then on the last day, the man was singing. The dog barked at him and tilted his head wondering what song he was singing. The man said, “Oh it’s a song I heard today. I saw a funny little leprechaun and i chased him to find his gold as he sang ‘Gold, gold, glorious gold, you can’t have my gold ‘cause I’m growing old. Poor me, poor me, poor Timothy. I need gold!”
The dog barked with excitement and wagged his tail so happily.
On the last day, the dog waited for the leprechaun and when he came, the dog guessed his name to be Timothy.
The leprechaun gave him his gold and cried, “Oh me, oh my, I’m so old I may die. I need gold.”

The Nail Rewrite

Original Story

Car Troubles

A woman and her son were driving to a gathering of coworkers that was far, far away. She stopped for gas and the man filling her car noticed her check engine light was on. She said not to worry because she would have it checked later and she couldn’t be late to this gathering. The man said it would only take a minute to see the problem and went to look but she slammed her foot on the gas and drove off. Later on her drive, her car started smoking and she figured she was about half way, it didn’t smell dangerous so she might as well continue driving. Her son told her not to and said she should call someone to take the car but she ignored him since her phone had died and continued on. A few miles later the car burst into flames and she got out in time but her son did not and he ended up dying. The mother, in complete distress decided she could not make it to the gathering in time so she decided to walk home. Once she arrived she broke down and realized that if only she listened to the man putting gas in her car or her poor son that none of this would have happened. Being late for the dinner would have been better than losing her son, her car, and not making it to the dinner at all.

About me

Hi, I’m Nadine. I work at Jackson Gore at Okemo Mountain Resort as a Rental Technician. I am a senior in high school in Connecticut. I am seventeen years old. I have a three-year-old dog named Cosabella, but we all call her Cosy. I like skiing, singing, eating, yoga, animals, painting, taking pictures, shopping, watching tv, reading, etc… My favorite color is purple. I like the snow but I’m not a big fan of the cold. I like bread and pasta along with fruits, vegetables, and sushi. I want to either own a farm when I am older or live very close to a farm. I am not a fan of the way animals are treated in the bigger farms so if I lived near one where I knew the animals were free-range, hormone free, and not genetically modified. I want a teacup pig, a fox, a pomeranian-husky mix, and many other animals when I am financially stable on my own. I am either going to go to college at George Mason University or at University of New Haven and by the end of my sophomore year I would like an appartment. I enjoy photography, modeling, fashion, and makeup. I hope in my future I can either do something in entertainment however that is a bit of a stretch so I will be going to college to hopefully major in Forensic Psychology, Neuropsychology, or Clinical Psychology. I am very interested in the mind, the body, the brain, and how people think, feel, and work.